Friday, December 5, 2008

On the same road (without any turns)....

We left Jewell very early Thanksgiving day. We made sure that we filled up on gas at the first opportunity. No one wants to run out of gas driving through Kansas in the dark, off the main highway on a holiday. By about 5:30 (still dark) we were both getting sleepy and pulled off the road to catch a few zzzs. We hit the Colorado state line about 8:00AM. We kept driving and soon the the low fuel light came on! Little did we know there were no fuel stations on highway 36! We went nearly 55 slow and agonizing miles before we found a gas station! Oh, I forgot to mention that we had not seen another vehicle in either direction for at least 300 miles. So, it would have been a long walk had we completely ran out of fuel.

We made it to the Prall family cabin at Indian Mountain, CO just in time to make the mashed potatoes and eat Thanksgiving dinner. Afterward we set off to cut Christmas trees in the forest.

Mom, Dad, Amanda and Dan stayed at the cabin until Saturday taking in the scenery and solitude and headed back to town for Aunt Frannie's 92nd Birthday party.

We had a jammed pack stay in Colorado taking family pictures, visiting friends and family and touring Colorado School of Mines. On Tuesday afternoon we caught a flight to Michigan to visit the Fox's.