Friday, December 5, 2008

On the Road Again...

The moving process is both chaotic and draining. We left Fort Leonard Wood on Tuesday, November 25th around noon. It was later than we anticipated but with a few changes to the plan we were able to driving to Pontoon Beach, IL to drop off Dan's truck for shipment before we headed west toward Colorado. We hit St. Louis just in time to get stuck in rush hour traffic. After careful consideration we decided to call and cancel our reservations with our very gracious friends the Eggars and called up Amanda's great aunt in Jewell, KS. We arrived in Jewell around 1:30 AM and quietly crawled in bed for a few hours of sleep. Little did we know that the tornado siren sounds promptly at 7:00AM, 12noon and 5:00PM each day and it is located right outside our bedroom window. Surprise!

We stayed in Jewell all day Wednesday visiting with Amanda's family. Cousin Sara had driven in from NM early in the week and we help her with projects around the house. Aunt Jeanine made a wonderful breakfast and "dinner" for us. We visited the town, walking both to "Scoops" the icecream parlor and to the grocery store. We enjoyed playing cards and hanging Christmas lights before many cousins, aunts and uncles arrived to the Thanksgiving feast! We hit the road early (3:15AM) heading to Colorado for Thanksgiving dinner.