Friday, December 12, 2008


Well we made it safely back to Colorado after spending time with the Fox family in Michigan. The weather in Colorado was definitely more inviting at 50+ degrees (MI=13). My Dad picked us up from the airport and took us home where Mom had made a farewell feast and invited everyone over. Once we were stuffed and all the bags loaded we headed west. We spent Sunday night, December 7th at Hill AFB in Ogden, UT and got up early to finish the drive. We encountered heavy snow fall just north of the city but beat the storm and had nice travel weather all the way to Seattle. We have to let you know that we thoroughly enjoyed our lunch stopover in the town of Baker City, OR. We ate at a hoppin' diner called the Oregon Trail Restaurant! The food was great as well as the prices. Stop there if you ever get the chance.

We arrived at Jay and Elizabeth's place around 9PM on Monday and enjoyed a week full of fun!

Tuesday: Pike Place Market, Starbucks, Fresh Crab and Puroskys. Then we met up with several Fort Lewis/USMA friends on Tuesday night for dinner. It was great to see Collin, The Lesters, Jon and Woody (in order of appearance).

Wednesday: Dan had an emergency root canal (yippee), lunch at the Steilacoom pub with Corey, Jon and Collin. A long and intense trip to the commissary and class 6. A nice home cooked dinner in Seattle at Jay & Elizabeth's home.

Thursday: Snoqualmie Falls, IKEA, the jewelery store, Johnny's seafood, our "arrival" pic from Fort Lewis, cooking expedition and drinks at the neighborhood pub.

Friday: We pack up, tour a winery (purchase a case of wine) and head to Bellingham to pick up an engine block heater and battery warmer before driving onto the ferry and shoving off toward the last frontier.

We will be on the ferry for 6.5 days with a stopover in Juneau, AK on December 15th. We will arrive at the port of Whittier, less than 100 miles south of Anchorage on December 18th! We can't wait, but for now it is back to packing, loading the car and applying Sea Sickness patches!

Pictures will follow soon -- As soon as we can find a cable to download the camera!


The Crowes said...

Sounds like you are having a great trip so far! Hope the boat portion goes well and is uneventful. Merry Christmas!! We miss you!

Jenn said...

Wow! That is definately an exciting trip you are having! Good luck on the ferry!