Sunday, October 26, 2008

Well as the month of October comes to a close we are quickly approaching the end to our time at Fort Leonard Wood. Dan has officially started Sapper school; 30 days of hooah training in the woods. While he is gone it is up to me to coordinate the shipping of his truck to Alaska, attending moving briefs, organize our home and separate anything we may want from the remainder of our household goods before the packers arrive. After that has finished I can work on closing out our house here in Waynesville. Moving is always more work than anticipated.

However, when we have loaded up the Outback we'll head west to the mountains of Colorado to celebrate Thanksgiving. The holiday will immediately be followed by a trip to Michigan and then the long drive to the Pacific Northwest. We are looking forward to our time back in Seattle/Tacoma as a chance to visit those we left behind last winter. After we've visited and said our goodbyes once again we will board the ferry in Bellingham for our 6-1/2 day ride to Whittier, AK. But before we get there Dan has to graduate Sapper school and I've got lots to do...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Near the End of FLW

Our time at Fort Leonard Wood is slowly coming to an end but not to worry we still have 6 weeks to enjoy our time here. Dan graduated from Missouri University of Science and Technology on October 3rd with a Master of Science in Engineering Management. Yay! No he is fully engaged in his train up for Sapper school which starts at the end of the month.

My career as a barista in building 470 was short lived (by choice), however, it was nice to have another pay check once again. So for now it is back to substitute teaching.

We said goodbye to our good friend Joe this morning. He is on his way up to Alaska to prepare for our arrival! Seriously, we have been blessed by his friendship and are excited to continue our military careers together at yet another duty station.

As for our move to Alaska. The last frontier has us all excited...we have researched and anticipated and can't wait to make the move in mid December.