Friday, July 11, 2008

Misery. Oh, I mean Missouri

Dan is in full swing with grad school...hours and hours of homework each day! What happened to the break from duty? Anyhow, the summer is quite nice. The best season this area has to offer. Only one problem -- THE BUGS! With the amount of bug spray I use I should be alarmed for our health. After all the bugs are still around and biting. Last weekend Dan's parents came down and we spent the Fourth of July weekend bbq, doing fireworks and canoeing. We had a blast. Now it is back to normal routine: Get up, drink tea, check the internet for news, check the garden, check email, start homework, eat lunch, finish homework, check the garden (just in case something magically grew in the past 4 hours), watch a movie, make dinner and eat, read and go to sleep. There is no variance in this schedule expect for the amount of homework and the number of times a day I check on the garden. I have made the move outdoors for my movie viewing. Oh, how I will have to adapt when we move to Alaska.