Monday, February 25, 2008

A Job!

Also, I forgot to mention that I finally found a job! I was hired on with Waynesville school district last week as a substitute teacher. So that is a blessing...hopefully I will soon be making a little bit of money and staying occupied so that I'm not driving Dan insane (imagine me not being able to sit still?).
I am also taking the Miller Analogies Test aka the MAT on Friday...this will determine if I am fully admitted into the graduate program that I've already begun! Cross your fingers -- I certainly am.

Our first two months at Fort Leonard Wood

Well we are approaching the end of our second month at Fort Leonard Wood. Things here have improved and I have started to adapt to my new environment. We experienced tornadoes the first week we arrived, then snow, then a few ice storms. Needless to say, I am excited for spring and the departure of permafrost!

Dan and I have both started masters classes. I pursuing a MA in Education and Dan in Engineering Management. It has turned out to be a blessing that this town is far slower paced and has offered us our educational opportunities.

We have been able to see quite a few people during our time here. We had dinner with some of Dan's career course buddies, his USMA classmate Karl and our friend Joe. There are a ton of Dan's workmates from Fort Lewis attending schools here at Fort Leonard Wood and we've been able to have Mac, Donahue, Cornwell and Braum over as well.

We are excited to have Sara and James (Dan's sister) out next week for their spring break. We've got some fun activities planned and a trip to St. Louis to visit the Arch, take a riverboat ride and eat at the Hard Rock Cafe. Plus another trip to Costco!! Woohoo!

Later in the month Chris, my brother and my Mom will visit.