Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Moving Continued

So, I am going to condense this story a wee-bit.
We were able to leave Tacoma on the scheduled day. However not the scheduled time of 10:00 AM. Dan had forgotten to sign out on leave the day prior so we had to stop at Fort Lewis and sign out. Conveniently, the Holiday Party for the 14th Engineers was at that very location. We grabbed some food, said goodbye yet again and headed out! It was 6:00 PM!
Thankfully, I-5 had re-opened, although HWY 101 through Washington State our desired route was still closed. We made it to Vancouver, WA and stopped for gas. This is the last town before you enter Oregon. Oregon has the law that you cannot pump your own gas and we wanted to see if we could boycott fueling up for the duration of that state. We stopped at a very cute resort called the Shamrock Lodgettes. It was voted as a top weekend get away by Sunset Magazine.
From there we traveled down the Pacific Coast Highway sight seeing at the Heceta Head Lighthouse and the Sea Lion caves. We were so excited to reach the California state line before the low-fuel light came on! We had succeed in our challenge. However, that was short lived, as we pulled into the gas in Northern California, we saw that the gas prices had shot up by nearly a dollar a gallon! Gulp!